About Us

Business Description

Mary Ginseng House processes, manufactures, and sells all-natural Ontario grown American ginseng and ginseng based skin care products. Ontario is recognized for producing the best quality ginseng and has become one of the largest areas for both the growth and cultivation of ginseng in the world, as a result of Ontario’s unique climate and soil conditions.

Mission Statement

At Mary Ginseng House, the quality and safety of our ginseng is our top priority. We only use 100% PURE 4-5 year old Ontario grown ginseng to manufacture our products. Our 4-5 year old roots are mature enough to contain a balanced level of ginsenosides, and vital vitamins and minerals for a balanced body. We strongly value our customers by providing them with the best ingredients, creating high-quality skin care and internal health products. We believe that it is essential to feed your body internally and externally with the best nutrients to live happier and healthier.

The Mary Ginseng House advantage

Mary Ginseng House’s ginseng roots are selected through a RIGOROUS grading process. Samples are sent regularly to an independent lab for testing to ensure high levels of ginsenosides, and its purity. Tests have been done at Guelph University to show that Mary Ginseng House’s ginseng products contain a higher level of ginsenosides on average, in comparison to other common ginseng products and ginseng from other countries all over the world such as China and Korea.

Our ginseng consistently consists of a minimum of 55 mg of ginsenosides per gram (5.5% per gram) with a high active amount of protopanaxadiol to protopanaxatriol with a ratio of 2.44 to 1. Mary Ginseng House’s products contain NO CHEMICALS, NO ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS, and are ALL-NATURAL. The facilities we use to manufacture our capsules and skin care products are compliant with the recognized industrial standards.

In recognition of our expertise in grading and processing Ontario ginseng, the ginseng research group at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto has included Mary Ginseng House in an advisory capacity in its recent research on the beneficial effects of Ontario grown ginseng, in particular concerning its ability after each meal to REDUCE HIGH BLOOD SUGAR levels; and our top-quality ginseng also REDUCES the body’s risk of HYPERTENSION. The consistency and the quality of our Ontario grown ginseng products is the reason why they have been used by the research group for dietary testing among individuals with high blood sugar levels.

Mary Ginseng House’s products are also recommended by many health care professionals such as – family doctors, nutritionists, pharmacists, herbalists, as well as other skin care practitioners.

Mary’s Story from the Toronto Star

“Mary Wong, 53, remembers ginseng roots drying in baskets on the kitchen floor of the Chinese restaurant her parents ran in Peterborough in the ’70s. “They would just trade it in for a dinner for two,” says Wong of the forestry workers and First Nations people who peddled the native plant. “The stuff would probably cost hundreds of dollars in Hong Kong.” Wong’s parents, who moved to Canada when she was 8, knew it was worth much, much more. That’s why they stashed it away to bring back to the East, where ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Wong still keeps a few jars of those old roots in her North York home.

Despite growing up around the herb, she didn’t start taking ginseng until her 30s. Wong was 5-foot-2, 180 pounds and had Type 2 diabetes when she was attacked by a dog on her Canada Post route, sending her into a six-monthspiral of anxiety and insomnia. “My mom gave me ginseng to take because I was really nervous; I couldn’t sleep,” Wong says. “That’s when I realized how powerful it is.” Wong now takes 12 ginseng capsules a day, weighs 140 pounds and has energy to burn. She still has a mail route but also runs a business called Mary Ginseng House, selling more than 30 health and beauty products made with Ontario’s world-famous farmed ginseng. She says it gives her energy, keeps her skin youthful and tames her blood sugar levels. And there’s one other thing it does for couples, although she says she would never advertise it: “Some men, because they’re so overworked and they’re tired, they really don’t want to have sex with their wife, because they can’t,” Wong says. “Once your immune system is good, the whole body is working well.”


–The Toronto Star, December 31, 2010